They Say Good Things Come In 3’s


They say good things come in 3’s

I recently bought my 2014 diary
As I need one to fill in for all
The different shifts I do at work
And started plotting my 2014 events in it

There is so much I wanna do in 2014
And I need to start planning now
I have 3 holidays booked already
Which is really exciting
And gives me something to look forward to
Epically the one in October as it is my yearly trip to Las Vegas
Which I can’t wish away the year for
So it comes quicker

2nd is a big family holiday in April
We have hired a big log cabin in the woods of the new forest
With all the mod cons and a hot tub on the deck outside which is really
Exciting we stayed in one last year and it was AMAZING

I’ve got 3 weddings this year
My good friends Andy and Harriet are getting married in May
And the big wedding
In august of my brother and his fiancée
Which will be a long weekend

In all my YouTube madness I created them a
Save The Date wedding video
Which was sent around the web
Link below if you fancy watching

#savethedate #weddingtag

So I’m hoping that 2014
Will finally be the year that I get lucky and
Find a partner 2013 was a disaster
So im hoping if good things come in 3’s that the 3rd date I have of 2014 will be a good one
Of course for the people that read my blog
I always do a date night special blog after the event
As 9times out of 10
They are bad
The guys are awful
The date is awful

So here’s to 2014
I hope everyone has a great year and
Love reading everyone’s blogs on here !!!