Holiday Blog Day 4

Well I have not got much to report from yesterday the internetvwas down on the park so couldn’t do my blog yesterday

We went to Chichester yesterday to the market to find out that it is all the same people at the market that were at the last 2 apart from about 4stalls so that was a bit of a let down

We walked through the town and there was nothing else there apart from this quote


Answers in the comments below if u know what it is ??

Sober came home and had another BBQ my cooking is just that good so I cracked open the red wine and started to cook


I didn’t take the pic on the BBQ
In hindsight I should have so I will do on Friday

So tonight’s entertainment was wrestling now I have never seen seaside town wresting and after seeing the so called professionals on TV do it
I didn’t hold my hopes up to much

It was very entertaining
The kids loved it

The compare in the ring

Wrestlers fighting
Not the greatest of pics but just to show

So the best news of the day was the Chalet they are selling holiday chalets on this site so we went and had a look at them !

They are pretty amazing the are
Massive like the size of bungalows
And very spacious and modern

Front Room


Outside decking

You get the picture they were bet nice

Dining area

So we went to bingo and did the usual arcade bit for a while and got another haul of tickets we got bk to the caravan and chilled out for the evening !!