Holiday Blog Day 5

Today was a great day
We entered the adult darts tournament on the site me mum and Matt
Matt and mum made it to the quarter finals I made it to the final !!
But unfortunately I lost miserably
And to a guy who
was obviously a professional
I could be one of those guys
who blamed it on the tools
eg the darts
as I didn’t have my own
and he did but I won’t
I played well with the pub darts and proud that I got to the final !

From there on Thursday was our day At The Races day
At Fontwell Park
Ladies Day
Great day was had by all
the sun
Was burning all day
We all dressed up
dresses for the ladies
Smart dress for the men
I even wore a tie !!

20130816-001556.jpgsome pics of the race day



Entry ticket


My only winning ticket of the day
I was going to try and add a video but
It won’t let me it wants $55 to do so
So I think that’s a NO !!


Little pic of the ladies from yesterday that I forgot about so added it today

Overall a really good day but was very tiring
Nan true to herself
was in too form as usual
She didn’t win any money but she had a fun day she kept forgetting which horse she picked even though she had the slips in her hand every race !! LOL

So with just 2 days left of the holiday it’s drawing to a near and that means that work is fast approaching
At warp speed and that can’t be good I get home Saturday afternoon then work 9am Sunday morning !!
Ahhhhhhhh Boooooooooo!!

Tomorrow is our last night here
So we’re getting shitfaced the
Vodka jellies have been made and they are string as hell Bingo and banter will be tomorrow oooo and the pool tournament and a French boules tournament so that will be fun !!

Signing off for the night !!



Holiday Blog Day 4

Well I have not got much to report from yesterday the internetvwas down on the park so couldn’t do my blog yesterday

We went to Chichester yesterday to the market to find out that it is all the same people at the market that were at the last 2 apart from about 4stalls so that was a bit of a let down

We walked through the town and there was nothing else there apart from this quote


Answers in the comments below if u know what it is ??

Sober came home and had another BBQ my cooking is just that good so I cracked open the red wine and started to cook


I didn’t take the pic on the BBQ
In hindsight I should have so I will do on Friday

So tonight’s entertainment was wrestling now I have never seen seaside town wresting and after seeing the so called professionals on TV do it
I didn’t hold my hopes up to much

It was very entertaining
The kids loved it

The compare in the ring

Wrestlers fighting
Not the greatest of pics but just to show

So the best news of the day was the Chalet they are selling holiday chalets on this site so we went and had a look at them !

They are pretty amazing the are
Massive like the size of bungalows
And very spacious and modern

Front Room


Outside decking

You get the picture they were bet nice

Dining area

So we went to bingo and did the usual arcade bit for a while and got another haul of tickets we got bk to the caravan and chilled out for the evening !!

Holiday Blog Day 3

Well today was an eventful day as usual
We started if the day playing badminton
With the rackets which we won yesterday in the arcade

What a let down that was
I didn’t expect much from them but cheap tat and they werewothin 30 seconds the cock was so light the first hit it landed on the roof if a 12ft caravan
Cut to me climbing up on the roof to get it down
We played for a bit longer to to no avail it got worse and worse they were terrible so we left them and decided to head out and hit the town

Today was the day of the big swim
The swim in the sea on Bognor seafront
We went round the market stopped of for a pub lunch
In The Regis then decided to go for a dip
It was choppy and windy and were wavey but we went swimming and nan mum and Matt stood on the shore watching us from a distance


Next we headed bk to the caravan
and take an afternoon siesta
in which we planned
our night out to include
jelly shots
Arcade gambling again

A great night was had
my brother won the jackpot on a
Spongebob SquarePants machine

which gave him enough tickets
to get a blue cupcake
shaped money box for nan
Pic below



Afterwards we decided to get out
the casino table
and play roulette
and craps
was a cracking night

cleaned the bank (Matt ) right out !!

I was the croupier
The hostess with the mostess


So now it’s 1:04am
and now on twitter
just checking a few things
before I go to bed !

Holiday Blog Day 2

Well today is day 2 of the holiday so here is the my blog for today
We got up early and went to Arundel we walked around the little town and I mean little town it took all of 9 minutes to walk round it
we then went to Bognor Regis Matt and Sarah and mum played crazy golf while me and nan went for ice cream
mum went to see “Gypsy Lee”
A so called Psychic
What a load of bollocks !!
I went to see one a couple of years ago and is was a load of crap I know the is people out there who do believe and I do but she was awful !!
Sat on Bognor Regis seafront in a little shack with a hand written sign which to me read
“All Mugs Welcome Here”

I wish I would have taken a pic we are going bk tomorrow for a swim in the seas so will try and get one for tomorrow’s blog to show

We then got no to the caravan where we had our 2nd BBQ of the week pork chops burgers sausages salad jacket potatoes and bits I
cooked again and it was lovely after. Leading up we went to bingo where we didn’t win again so we left and hit the arcade

Being a typically British arcade you don’t win money you win tickets to cash in for prizes
so we endeavoured to get some prizes cut to 250 tickets later we walked out with a frisbee and a badminton set not bad after 30 minutes haul of bowling and chasing lights around a board


Me mum and nan with the first haul


My brother with his long trail of winning tickets


Mum with her haul of tickets
so a pink frisbee
And a badminton set was aquired
so that will be tomorrow’s fun
on the sandy beaches of Bognor

We got bk to the caravan and sat up playing trivial pursuit
The TV edition from the charity shop which we bought not knowing it was the 1992 edition so the questions were a little out of time so to speak Sarah and mum were really good at answering the questions but nan just sat there with her hearing aid out and smiling at everyone we made vodka jellies earlier in the day and persueded to eat them as the night went on

It’s now 00:20 and off a slight vodka buzz am now heading to bed after a fun day
Who knows what tomorrow will bring !!


So with that in mind it is now time for bed
See you all Tomoz for more fun and frolics

Holiday Blog Day 1



Well today is day 1 of the holiday
Technically we got here yesterday but was only here for half a day

We arrived at the caravan park and got the Keys it’s a beautiful stylish van with 3 double bedrooms shower toilet and open plan kitchen front room and dining room so we unpacked and made out way to the club house to grab some food and to settle in for the entertainment for the evening it entailed Bingo take your pick and the UKS NO1 tribute act to the BEEGEES called startling alive was a very good evening there was singing and dancing and man really enjoyed herself sat in the chair all evening so we got bk to the caravan at 11:45pm so was a very long day indeed

We sat up and watched Hannibal on itv 2 then went to bed about 1am after a few more glasses of wine

Oh and we had candy floss aswell it was massive !!


So all in all a good day was had and I think we are going to Ford Aerodrome Tomoz for and open air market ?? If that makes any sense !! Lol

My Life In The Last Week

I’ve not blogged a lot in a while
I have been a busy boy
Life has been out on the back burner
to concentrate on work as usual
new job as a KFC franchisee manager is taking its toll there
is a lot to learn in such a little time
but I’m getting there
hopefully in a couple of weeks
I will be taking over my new store
which after finished building
will be truely amazing
June the 10th is the big day
so who knows
I’m keeping everything crossed

I finally plucked up the courage and went out on a date my first one in 4yrs
What a disaster he was a nice enough guy but as the evening progressed it started to go down hill
People may think I’m horrible but you know when u just wanna get up an excuse urself to go to the toilet and then climb out the window to escape
Well that’s what I did
I felt really shitty and horrible but it was the only way I thought out how to get out of the situation I could have seen it through to the end and just not saw him again but I took the cowards way out and left him in the pub !!

If u ever read this then please know I am really sorry I did txt him the next day but never got a response back !!

Also in news this week we celebrated my mums bday at home and had a big BBQ garden party for her the weather turned out to be horrible and windy but a good day was had by all beers burgers and sun for most of it was nice seeing all the family and friends again!!

Well that about suns up my week last week more to report soon