They Say Good Things Come In 3’s


They say good things come in 3’s

I recently bought my 2014 diary
As I need one to fill in for all
The different shifts I do at work
And started plotting my 2014 events in it

There is so much I wanna do in 2014
And I need to start planning now
I have 3 holidays booked already
Which is really exciting
And gives me something to look forward to
Epically the one in October as it is my yearly trip to Las Vegas
Which I can’t wish away the year for
So it comes quicker

2nd is a big family holiday in April
We have hired a big log cabin in the woods of the new forest
With all the mod cons and a hot tub on the deck outside which is really
Exciting we stayed in one last year and it was AMAZING

I’ve got 3 weddings this year
My good friends Andy and Harriet are getting married in May
And the big wedding
In august of my brother and his fiancée
Which will be a long weekend

In all my YouTube madness I created them a
Save The Date wedding video
Which was sent around the web
Link below if you fancy watching

#savethedate #weddingtag

So I’m hoping that 2014
Will finally be the year that I get lucky and
Find a partner 2013 was a disaster
So im hoping if good things come in 3’s that the 3rd date I have of 2014 will be a good one
Of course for the people that read my blog
I always do a date night special blog after the event
As 9times out of 10
They are bad
The guys are awful
The date is awful

So here’s to 2014
I hope everyone has a great year and
Love reading everyone’s blogs on here !!!


Oops I Did It Again


Well that was a bit silly wasn’t it not too long after posting my last blog I forgot that it was linked to my Facebook profile and guess what I just had a shitty DM from the guy I was out with the other night and to top it off he now knows what I said

Oh well it’s out there now and not much I can do about it !! Lol
Chalk that one up to one of life’s little mishaps !!

That should prob be enough to keep me off the dating scene in a long time here’s to 2014

My Life In The Last Week

I’ve not blogged a lot in a while
I have been a busy boy
Life has been out on the back burner
to concentrate on work as usual
new job as a KFC franchisee manager is taking its toll there
is a lot to learn in such a little time
but I’m getting there
hopefully in a couple of weeks
I will be taking over my new store
which after finished building
will be truely amazing
June the 10th is the big day
so who knows
I’m keeping everything crossed

I finally plucked up the courage and went out on a date my first one in 4yrs
What a disaster he was a nice enough guy but as the evening progressed it started to go down hill
People may think I’m horrible but you know when u just wanna get up an excuse urself to go to the toilet and then climb out the window to escape
Well that’s what I did
I felt really shitty and horrible but it was the only way I thought out how to get out of the situation I could have seen it through to the end and just not saw him again but I took the cowards way out and left him in the pub !!

If u ever read this then please know I am really sorry I did txt him the next day but never got a response back !!

Also in news this week we celebrated my mums bday at home and had a big BBQ garden party for her the weather turned out to be horrible and windy but a good day was had by all beers burgers and sun for most of it was nice seeing all the family and friends again!!

Well that about suns up my week last week more to report soon