#ThursdaysWithStephen The New Podcast

Hay there people of My Blog 

As you may know Or may not know I am a youtuber and I am creating a podcast to celebrate the fact 

So I thought what great way to get some free promo by writing a post as I haven’t written one in for ever 

(I’m not that fame hungry I promise)

So I thought I would share with you guys a project I am working on to help other small youtubers in the UK and across the world 

(as I travel a bit to different places) 
Podcasting seems to be the way forward at this moment in time people have time on there way to work and travelling home from work and on there lunch breaks to listen to podcast episodes then spending time in groups of crowds and work colleagues 

so I though it seemed fit to start a podcast for the not so famous and not so well know to get know 

I have met some amazing people 

along the way and Made some amazing friends that I can’t wait to introduce them to everybody that might end up listening to the podcast 

So if you like listening to inane rambling by crazy people then your in the right place 

I’ll leave the link here below to the podcast and maybe you could check it out and let me know what you think and who knows maybe You or someone you know might be featured on it some time soon 

Here’s the link to subscribe 




So I decided to make a website
I took it upon myself
On my day off to do
something great
and productive so
I made a website

It’s nothing special
and it’s created on the wix website

Which is a great site
if you would like to
start a website completely for free
It’s really accessible
and really easy to use
so I recommend to anyone
who wants to give it a go
then go check it out

My Website