What Is L-O-V-E ?

What is L-O-V-E

I love bus journeys a lot of people don’t
But it gives me time to reflect on things
And think a lot
With just my earphones in and my trusty iPhone
I seem to come up with some of my philosophical moments

Question of the day ?

What is love ?

What’s is love ?
Have you ever experienced it ?
What does it feel like ?
How do you know ?
Who can tell you ?

You here these cheesy stories of people
Who say that it was
Love at first sight but

What is love at first sight ?

I can safely say that in my 30 years on this planet
I don’t think that I have ever really experienced true love
I love my family as most people do
And I love my friends but
I don’t think I have ever been with that one person
That made my heart skip a beat
Or made me feel like a better person inside
Or whatever love is meant to make u feel and do
When your in love they say that you just know !!

Know what ?…….. Fill in blank here ……..

Any way I promised I would write more blogs so here is today’s one
If any one an help me find the answers then let me know !!



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