#VLOGTOBER 2013 Part 2


Good morning everyone
I haven’t written much
since my bday 2 weeks ago
I had a week off work
to cry myself silly
for turning 30
and for the last week I worked solidly !!
But I will not lie
I have been vlogging every day
since my bday
The life of me
It’s been fun and interesting to say the least and some funny videos in the making www.youtube.com/user/StephenH83

The link is above if you wanna have a look and subscribe to my channel
Maybe like a few videos while your there

Anyway off track a bit
I am gonna put some lovely pictures here on my blog with done notes to show what’s been happening over the last couple of weeks !!


Me and the boys in a group pick having cocktails before the big night out


Little one of Me Andy James and Alex

So yesterday we was on Amber alert for this supposed weather warning
which never showed up here
and I live right on the south coast
on the seaside
We had a lot of rain but
No damage
No high winds
So all is good !!

Work has been challenging
To the day the least but I’m still there !!

Little pic of me and linzi from Saturday night


Here’s another one from one of my videos to do with my journey across Route 66 in America !!!
Best 4 weeks if my life !!


So there’s not much else to report I wish there was but there isn’t

Hope all is well
In everyone’s world and I’ll write again soon !!

Enjoy !!


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