Well hello there everyone

It’s been a couple of weeks
since I wrote anything
and I feel really bad
as I have been focusing on my videos
for YouTube there nothing special
there are some good videos
on there and a few rants !!

I’m really getting bk
into all my tv shows
now they have all
started up again in the states
so my nights are full of work and tv !!
Good times

They say 30 is the new 40
Maybe it’s the new 50 !! Lol

As it’s a new week
In my life so
VLOGTOBER has begun on YouTube
So I’ll see what it holds
I’m nearly chocking up
for 1000 views on
My YouTube channel

It’s well worth a watch and a subscribe. !!

I worked the rest of the week
up to Saturday
where I went out for my bday
The big day finally came
and went without a hitch
It was nice actually went
out on the Saturday night
with all the guys and girls !!
11 couples and me
talk about rubbing it in !!
Still alone on my 30 th but I was surrounded by all my friends whom I love the dearest !!

Sunday was lovely had a family tea
and then spent the day in bed
all day it was amazing
I was meant to be off work
for a weeks holiday
but it is now Tuesday
and am still working
Hopefully I will get some time off soon !!

My hair is falling out rapidly
So I decided that the day after my bday
I’m gonna shave it all off as I prob won’t have it much longer

Here’s the link to my YouTube account check out some videos and subscribe if you like
The quality of videos will get better and who knows my weekly review videos starting you might get a feature in it if I follow your blog on WordPress

I don’t have many subscribers yet but I’m hoping to at some point !!
Any way
Peace out people
Blogg ya soon !!




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