This Week #youtubechannel

Well hello there everyone
It’s been a couple of weeks since I wrote anything

As it’s a new week
So here’s a new blog entry

I have had a boring week last week
I started my YouTube channel
where I have put a few videos
but not got that far with it yet

So Monday I went out for
a meal with a friend
and had a really nice evening
and a few drinks
I worked the rest of the week
Thursday night was pool night
but ended up having to work
and Friday was a
double shift all day
so was boring
Saturday was a good day
A good friend came to visit
and we spent the whole day together with his 8yr old son
we had a great day out
caught up with some friends
and then Headed back to mine
where we had drinks and BBQ in the garden till late
it’s was great and today is now Monday it’s 1:26am
Sunday was a blur
I worked 2pm till close
so lost most of the day

It might sound boring
And that I work too much
But that’s my life at the mo
I have 2weeks to go until the big day
And I’m regretting every moment of it

My hair is falling out rapidly
So I decided that
the day after my bday
I’m gonna shave it all off
as I prob won’t have it much longer

Here’s the link to my YouTube account check out some videos and subscribe if you like
The quality of videos will get better and who knows my weekly review videos starting you might get a feature in it if I follow your blog on WordPress

I don’t have many subscribers yet but I’m hoping to at some point !!
Any way
Peace out people
Blogg ya soon !!



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