Holiday Blog Day 5

Today was a great day
We entered the adult darts tournament on the site me mum and Matt
Matt and mum made it to the quarter finals I made it to the final !!
But unfortunately I lost miserably
And to a guy who
was obviously a professional
I could be one of those guys
who blamed it on the tools
eg the darts
as I didn’t have my own
and he did but I won’t
I played well with the pub darts and proud that I got to the final !

From there on Thursday was our day At The Races day
At Fontwell Park
Ladies Day
Great day was had by all
the sun
Was burning all day
We all dressed up
dresses for the ladies
Smart dress for the men
I even wore a tie !!

20130816-001556.jpgsome pics of the race day



Entry ticket


My only winning ticket of the day
I was going to try and add a video but
It won’t let me it wants $55 to do so
So I think that’s a NO !!


Little pic of the ladies from yesterday that I forgot about so added it today

Overall a really good day but was very tiring
Nan true to herself
was in too form as usual
She didn’t win any money but she had a fun day she kept forgetting which horse she picked even though she had the slips in her hand every race !! LOL

So with just 2 days left of the holiday it’s drawing to a near and that means that work is fast approaching
At warp speed and that can’t be good I get home Saturday afternoon then work 9am Sunday morning !!
Ahhhhhhhh Boooooooooo!!

Tomorrow is our last night here
So we’re getting shitfaced the
Vodka jellies have been made and they are string as hell Bingo and banter will be tomorrow oooo and the pool tournament and a French boules tournament so that will be fun !!

Signing off for the night !!



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