Holiday Blog Day 1



Well today is day 1 of the holiday
Technically we got here yesterday but was only here for half a day

We arrived at the caravan park and got the Keys it’s a beautiful stylish van with 3 double bedrooms shower toilet and open plan kitchen front room and dining room so we unpacked and made out way to the club house to grab some food and to settle in for the entertainment for the evening it entailed Bingo take your pick and the UKS NO1 tribute act to the BEEGEES called startling alive was a very good evening there was singing and dancing and man really enjoyed herself sat in the chair all evening so we got bk to the caravan at 11:45pm so was a very long day indeed

We sat up and watched Hannibal on itv 2 then went to bed about 1am after a few more glasses of wine

Oh and we had candy floss aswell it was massive !!


So all in all a good day was had and I think we are going to Ford Aerodrome Tomoz for and open air market ?? If that makes any sense !! Lol


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