Date Night


Date night !!

Well as promised
my fellow bloggers
last night was date night again
If u remember from my last blog
I said I had a date
with a guy that I
had been chatting too
and he seemed really down to earth and normal was guess what
He was !!


I picked a nice quiet
Wednesday evening
the sun was shining
I had a good feeling about this one

I met him at the train station and we went into town for a drink
The south street shuffle
As it is known to the locals
we only had 3 drinks
in different places
but is was a really nice evening
I couldn’t believe it
No awkward moments
No repeating of subjects

So what do you do for work
What do you do in ur spare time
Blah blah blah

It’s was really nice
We chatted about so
Many things from school
To people we knew
He is from Leeds
His name is Simon
He teaches violin to kids
ages 5-19yrs old
And I am seeing him again on Sunday

Date night number 2 is confirmed

so the evening finished
and I walked him bk
to the train station
in where there was a
very long and out if the blue kiss
in the street
a little forward for
the first date but
it felt nice and right
I got home and waited till
He messages me
I know there is protocol
For things like this
But he did message me so
I sent him one bk
Like most people
I held bk a bit of my personality
It’s better in small doses
He is younger than me
And I have been out longer
Than he has he didn’t fully
Come out until a couple of years ago

And he said not everyone knows he is out but that’s fine with me
I can be reserved and act straight
90% of the time !!! Lol

But to summarise it was
a Nice time and looking forward to Sunday to see if it is the same feeling again


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