Clapham Junction

Clapham Junction

I downloaded a channel 4 mini program called Clapham Junction it was a very interesting program following the lives of modern men and boys in London !!

It’s the hottest summer in London on record

It is very dark and
very different for channel 4
there is one scene
that is very disturbing
where a guy takes another guy home then hits him over the head
with an ashtray
gives him a kicking
then pisses on him !!

Different !

Then there is lots of other stories that don’t make any spence but hope that they all link up

There are Percy old men hooking up in toilets and a young boy not speaking but wanking over half naked men through windows with binoculars

Lots of random stories

All the first 3 stories are finally linking together they are all in a garden in a party and they all meet for the first time

Ah finally he speaks
The school boy has now gone over to the man he is stalking
And now in his flat
Talking with him

And then there is the married couple who on there wedding day
one if the grooms
is fucking a waiter
and snorting coke
in the back room
while the other is dancing away !!
Once he fucked the waiter
he puts his wedding ring
and a note in his pocket

Cut to the waiter getting chased by 2 thugs across the common
A scream is heard in the garden from the common
I’m guessing its from the guy being chased by the thugs
The people in the garden hear it

Now it’s bk to the first guy who is now talking to some random guy on a park bench in the common what will he do now !!

He chats up the old bloke on the bench but gets cut down by the sounds of screaming from the bushes

Cut to the waiter lying on the floor covered in blood the first guy finds the ring and takes it from him leaving him on the floor !!

The people in the garden see the flashing lights outside there house to find him being carted of in an ambulance

The married couple now sit on a bench over looking London

Well it’s safe to say that
it’s defiantly a must see
just to get ur head around all the stories

The school boy is really
freaking me out now
he has now invited himself
into the mans flat
and he is talking to him
about him wanking over him,
his eyes are slightly off centre
which when close up
look even more crazy

The young boy is now making out with the man and a single tear rolls down his cheek
now the dinner party people are saying how the guy he is stalking
is a kiddie fiddler
and that his flat got fire bombed !!
The young boy is taking Down his trousers and sucking him off !!

The dinner party is getting very heated and one couple wants to leave
let them not be knowing
that it is there son who is the stalker
and the pedo that are having sex doggy style on all fours in the front room oh god and he is only 14 !!

What does happen on the common at night
and how all the people
who ever they are from all walks of life how there stories intertwine but they don’t even know it !!

Low and behold the 2 guys flashing at each other in the public toilets are now sat across the dinner table from each other dodgy glances and all

So the parents get bk from dinner and she sees her son from his stalking window getting dressed after shagging the pedo
held in each others arms
They kiss each other while the parents climb the stairs knocking on doors to find their son

The confrontation of the mother and the pedo is intense the light in the hall keeps going on and off she keeps flicking it bk on its quite funny mid rant

Cut to the NXT morning one half of the married couple awakes from sleep alone
The birds are chirping
Cut to the a slab in the morgue a dead corpse beaten black and blue died during the night

A violin plays in the background each little sub section of story looking bk on there parts of the story last night

Cut to Alfie sat on the bench chatting to another fellow in the common but it’s day light now

Oh how the story unfolds Alfie now with the wedding ring on lies beaten on a hospital bed and the doctor walks into the room and its only the groom from the wedding

He lied to his husband about the ring
The final scene ends in a underground passage way with a smashed violin being rained on the owner was a small coloured boy who was the cook of the dinner party

I think that is called poetic justice !!


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