My Life In The Last Week 2


My life in the last week !!

Well it has been a while since I last wrote a post
so I thought as its Sunday and the end of the week
I would say what is on my mind
Normally I have some amazing crazy stories
but alas for I have nothing left in the tank this week
For I am a man that has less fortitude
rather than a man of the world this week

the week started of very quiet
work has been really boring
Tuesday was a good day
a good friend came round for beers and a BBQ
our weekly routine we do it every week
stay up late till 2am in the garden under the gazebo
a few candles and some music drinking and dancing
Oh plus throwing a garden fork around
The garden like a trident held like Neptune
The god of the sea
I forgot about that

The more I am writing and trying to think of stuff to write and now I’m actually thinking that I have no more to write

So Friday came around and I did some gardening
and then headed out to Brighton for the evening
8 of my best mates out for dinner and drinks

cut to midnight full of chinese food 15 bottles of red wine
singing well out of key and awful
in a sleazy underground room of a Chinese restaurant
in a mini karaoke room
it was a bit dodgy at first cause they wouldnt let us leave
but we left in the end
otherwise I would prob still be there now

So now it’s Sunday
I have done my usual Social media things
and now I have just checked Grindr and am chatting
to someone under the name of SHARK lame arse title name

But still he wants to meet up for a drink with him now so
At least that I will have something good
to write about next week
and knowing me I’m sure it would be fun packed
and exciting with fun and details of another drastic evening
Maybe one day I will catch a break !!!


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