These Times Are A Changing


The time is now

That’s it the time is now
I have 5 months to my 30th bday and I’m not going to be the same person as I am now
the drinking
the smoking
the being single
the unhealthy ness
in my whole life has to end
I have 5 months which is a good enough time scale to sort myself out and be in a good place
for when the big day comes
I also am going to finish
how to play guitar
as its something
I have been pitting of for a long time
I have put my song writing behind me for so long and it’s something
I feel passionate about
I can’t sing for shit
but like my writing I feel so much better when I get these thoughts out of my head and onto paper !!
So let it be said from this day
it is a whole new me
a whole new chapter to write about and a purpose in my life !!
So stayed tuned onto this blog and come with me on my journey
And let’s see if there really is a path to happiness

Give it some time
Give yourself hope
give yourself something to look forward too
If not ill give u mine
Cause I don’t need it anymore !!
Don’t put all your eggs in one basket just incase it drops and breaks !!

I tend not to wear
my heart on my sleeve
as it hasn’t got me very far
in the past
I try to fit into
so many different stereotypes
and I seem to fit none of them

To quote a very famous lady
Songwriter and singer….

“I can’t make you love me
if you don’t
I can’t make ur heart feel
something it dont want
So here in the dark
In this final hour
I can’t make u feel something that you don’t feel !! “….

No more true words have ever
Been spoken


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