There’s No Place Like Home


Well Am now sat on the train in Lincoln waiting to go home bk to Eastbourne it’s wierd
cause I regard both of them
as my home
I only lived n Lincoln for 2years
but it just feels right when I am here
I suppose it’s where I bought my first pub and set up the business base
there the people I met
the friends I still have now,

The many drunken nights and fights
all just seems to put things into perspective
if I could move back
I would in a heartbeat
but its just not the right time in my life but one day it will be and I will be up here quicker than u can say boo !!

It’s been so good seeing everyone
this weekend and hanging out
on the right side of the bar for once
I only came up for a day
for a wedding and stayed
3 bloody days
when im here
I just can’t seem to leave the place !!

It’s wierd out of all the places I have travelled there are certain places that just seem to feel right inside and lincoln is one of them

Anyway it’s been a good time and now I’m sat on the train for 5hrs to get home then bk to work Tomoz 😦 booooooooo


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