Do You Think Of Me ?


Do you think of me
Sat here on the bus thinking
random thoughts in my head
and a random podcast comes on
My shuffle list of one of our many drunken
nights in and out and it makes me wonder
if you ever think of me since we been apart
its been 4 months now
I know it was over long before then
But the more I sit here
The pains in my stomach
Intensify and I feel sick
Thinking bout you
And wandering
Do you think of me ?
We haven’t spoke for ages
not even a txt
I hope ur happy with the
Choices that you have made
And life works out for you
I always said I would be there for you
No matter what and I think time will tell on that one
I can’t promise you anything anymore
Cause I don’t know if
Do you even think of me at all !!


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