Alone With You


When ever I’m alone with you
You make me feel like im young again
When ever I’m alone with you
You make me feel fun again

When ever I’m alone with you
You make me feel like I am clean again
When ever I’m alone with you
You make me feel like I’m whole again



Well it’s finally happening
I have put pen to paper and starting writing my second book
hopefully to be adapted into a screenplay
It’s gonna be an amazing book
Full of laughs and fun and then the usual stuff that comes with will be adding a few quips on my blog here would love some comments to know how I’m getting on
if people like the characters

Private Romeo


Two households both alike in dignity
In fair Verona
where we lay our scene
From ancient grudge
break to new mutiny
Where civil blood
makes civil hands unclean
from forth the fatal loins of these two foes
A pair of star crossed lovers
take their life
Whose misadventures piteous overthrows
Do with their death bury their parents strife
The fearful passage of their death mark’d love
And the continuance
of their parents rage
Which but their children’s end bought could remove
Is now the two hours traffic of our stage
The which if you with patient ears attend
What here shall miss our toil shall strive to mend

Little Grey Hair

Little grey hair

OMG it’s finally happened let it be know that today of all days
I found my first grey hair in my head
It freaked me out and it was a long one and the most
Silly part is I pulled it out
It’s not like I have that many hairs left on my head

It’s very depressing

Do You Think Of Me ?


Do you think of me
Sat here on the bus thinking
random thoughts in my head
and a random podcast comes on
My shuffle list of one of our many drunken
nights in and out and it makes me wonder
if you ever think of me since we been apart
its been 4 months now
I know it was over long before then
But the more I sit here
The pains in my stomach
Intensify and I feel sick
Thinking bout you
And wandering
Do you think of me ?
We haven’t spoke for ages
not even a txt
I hope ur happy with the
Choices that you have made
And life works out for you
I always said I would be there for you
No matter what and I think time will tell on that one
I can’t promise you anything anymore
Cause I don’t know if
Do you even think of me at all !!

It might sound crazy !!


It might sound crazy

I know this sounds really crazy but I lay there night after night watching all these films and I think to myself the struggle and lives that people lead
I watched a film called
prayers for bobby
and it really puts things into perspective for life in general I never really had anyone to talk to properly about being gay
There are millions of people out there all in the same boat and having someone to talk to and listen to you can really make a difference
I never really talk to people about my life is it because I’m scared to maybe but there are so many ways out there for people too and I fel like I need to do something bout it
I journal my life and write every feeling and emotion I feel down for people to look back on in the years to come
I don’t try and maybe that is my weakness
Why is it so wrong ??
It’s not I think but
I don’t take the time out to do anything about it
I just can’t seem to get a focus on anything and why cause I never had anything to focus on
being wrapped up on others things life
and friends
I have missed the biggest part of my life
I am approaching 30 this year and have nothing to look back on and think that I made any real contribution to the world in any way shape or form and there are people out there fighting everyday
Whether it being
human rights
The right to marry
The right to be with the one you love
But in an unforgiving world it is an up hill struggle ?

Staying in most nights is probably not good for you or socialising with people gay people like myself has kept me sheltered
is it the scaredness of a person enough to make things better ?

I Suppose blogging everyday is a good way but if no one reads or hears about it then what is a person to do ?
pack up and move away run and hide from problems or doing something about it
as I write this I have all the best intentions of trying to do better for myself but I know that within a couple of days or weeks it will be a forgotten piece of writing drifting about in the ether somewhere

Where is the logic in that ??