What Another Fine Mess

What another fine mess !!!

I can’t help but think to my self
what another fine mess I have got me into
Without too much detail
it’s a no win situation what ever I do.
Good old me !!
I try to hard in everything I do and never see any return in what I do,
with the mess I think I have gone as far as I can go
I can’t do anymore i have tried my hardest and now it has reached a point that I now have to do the opposite of all the hard work I have done,
and I know that the mess will go and it will hurt a lot but a few weeks will pass and I will be fine. How long I will last after that who knows What am I going to do ?
Who can I turn to in these uncertain times ?
Who’s the best person to speak to ?
No one that’s who
The only person I really trust is being turned away as we speak
And I only have myself to blame !
A note was found and for the life of me I don’t remember writing it and where I even put it
It appeared the other night and the mess had found it and asked me what it was !,
What am I meant to say
I can’t tell the truth it could only make things worse
I don’t think it would make it better!!!
Just a little bit more confusion to add to the mix.
I’m telling you couldn’t make this shit up
On the flip side should I have said yes and confessed all and see
Where that would have left us
I’m the one that’s acting like a complete cunt
He hasn’t done anything wrong and I think he thinks he has
But i can’t tell him that as he will won’t answers and an explanations

And i just don’t have them !!


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