My Life !!

My life

My whole life I have been waiting for the right time
To tell you how I feel
Know that I am trying but
I can’t bear to be mad at you anymore
It’s not you I’m mad at it’s myself
But can’t seem to find the right words to put it in

Since you came along
And before you
I had nothing I had no one a deserter from all friends and family
A fresh start was what I needed and it was working
I had run out of options
I ran away from my problems
I ran away from my old life
I came so close to giving up
I had nothing left to hold onto
I wonder if you can ever know
How it would have felt if i would have let you go

I know that you can never change your mind
And I know that I can never say that your mine
But don’t leave me here in this mess
Just know that I will try my best !!

There will be times where life will be unbearable
And I will be the way I am but
Just stick with it and it will pass
Just know it’s not you
And it will never be you
It’s me just being me
You never saw this side no one did
Cause I didn’t and don’t ever want people too


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