Moving For The Better For The Truth


It’s strange
It’s strange how one person can come into your life
And at the time don’t even realize what it is that they do to you
Until it’s too late
There’s a guy I know at first I though he was another
Pubesent teenage boy
But 15 months down the line
I find out he is actually a decent honest guy and that
Can really throw u off track
When u have plans in ur life
and you know what they are
Like mine
I think they call it a

spanner in the works

I know deep down inside
that nothing can ever happen but
It’s the little things that are done
that make me realize a little bit more
How much I like him

There in lies the problem
apart from a bit of harmless flirting
Nothing could ever happen
as much as I would want it too
As what we have is great and fun
And wouldn’t wanna change it for the world
And that’s the truth !!!!


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