Another Fine Mess !!


What’s a boy too do
I’m an absolute mess
screwed in the head
I keep doing this to myself
over and over again
Its like a vicious circle
Groundhog day
Doomed to repeat the same thing
over and over again
which feels me With more heartache and
makes me push loved ones
Away even more than I already do.

Falling for guys that are never right for me
Or that arnt the same as me
What the fuck is wrong with me ????

Being alone I can handle
its a piece of piss
The companionship is the bit I can’t handle
Getting to close to the guys I meet is the hard part
I fall to far and never return

You think I would have learnt from the last time
The reason why I moved in the first place
But yet again I’m doomed the repeat the circle again
And this time it’s gonna be worse
The situation I’ve got myself into it’s gone to far
I’m stuck down a grave and
I can’t dig or claw my way out
The surface is too far away
Do I tell the truth and ruin something good
Or stay as I am and be miserable ???
I really didn’t think this through !!!


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